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    Laying the scientific and engineering foundations for innovation in pioneering low-cost precision health systems and 5P* digital healthcare medicine that integrate technologies for both physiological and environmental monitoring.

    *precise, predictive, preventive, proactive, personalised

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    Innovative science addressing:

    1. Electron Transfer (ET) in Life
    2. Quantum Bioelectronics
    3. Quantum Biophotonics
    4. Aging Biophysics
    5. DNA Damages
    6. Pathogenesis in silico
    7. Ion Channel Modulation


    Translational medicine:

    1. Rapid & Precise Integrated
      Molecular Diagnostics
    2. Integrated Rapid Exploration of Aging and Diseases
    3. Smart ET Rx & Biointerfaces
    4. Smart Integrated Therapeutics
    5. Integrated Healthy Aging
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    Developing highly complex, yet functional systems through the innovative convergence of currently disparate sciences & technologies.

    Constructing a foundation for the creation, testing and integration of research for the advancement of quantitative life sciences and innovative precision healthcare medicine.